Thursday, March 28, 2013


Christ’s gospel warms that which was cold, makes that fruitful which before was dead and barren; when it comes to any place it puts a beauty and glory upon that place (2 Co. 3:7, 2 Co. 3:8 ) and furnishes occasion for joy. Spring-time is pleasant time, and so is gospel-time. Aspice venturo laetentur ut omnia seclo —Behold what joy the dawning age inspires! said Virgil, from the Sibyls, perhaps with more reference to the setting up of the Messiah’s kingdom at that time than he himself thought of. See Ps. 96:11 . Arise then, and improve this spring-time. Come away from the world and the flesh, come into fellowship with Christ, 1 Co. 1:9 ... The soul that was hard, and cold, and frozen, and unprofitable, like the earth in winter, becomes fruitful, like the earth in spring, and by degrees, like it, brings its fruits to perfection. This blessed change is owing purely to the approaches and influences of the sun of righteousness, who calls to us from heaven to arise and come away.. ~ Matthew Henry ♥

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